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LED down lights

LED is the newest technology when it comes to lighting in domestic and commercial situations.

LED down lights are the easiest and most cost-efficient way to start saving electricity costs for the long run.

Standard halogen down lights and light bulbs waste a lot of energy in heat rather in light output. LEDs are 95% efficient when it comes to light output and only have a minimal wastage in heat.

Secondly and often not talked about, modern led downlights are a sealed unit and also can be covered by ceiling insulation, therefore further reducing energy wastage due to no cold or hot air escaping into ceiling spaces.

I personally do not recommend customer to fix old broken halogen down lights as it is more cost effective, in terms of energy saving and labour/material cost, to change to led down lights.


Switchboard upgrades

Faulty, dodgy or
just old electrical wiring can become dangerous to persons and
property and is the main cause for house fires in Australia.

Aging houses and their electrical installation struggle more and more with the number
of appliances plugged in and constantly added to the installation.

Older installation often do not have safety switches installed which are
essential for the protection of the occupance.

When getting solar panels installed, the old energy meter needs to be changed to a
smart meter that can measure import and export, before the solar
system can be turned on.

The meter board needs to be compliant or the meter provider will refuse changeover of
the meter, and the solar system cannot be turned on, until the meter
board is made compliant by an electrician.

Unfortunately, in the past, many of my customer have not been made aware of this fact,
by the solar salesperson.


Solarpanels are in everyone’s ear and are the most effective way to cut your electricity bill. The size of the system depends on your average usage, available roof space and other factors. With smart usage of the generated electricity during the day and an appropriately sized system, it is often possible to completely or almost completely delete your power bill (generated credit can offset the supply charge).

Many solar retailer are out and about and careful consideration should be taken when, buying a system.

The man is repairing the switchboard voltage with automatic switches. Electrical background


Battery systems like Tesla, Sonnen, LG and many more have been becoming more popular in recent years in combination with solar. Battery systems are still fairly expensive and careful consideration should be given when it comes to select the right system for you and which attributes are important.

Not every system is the same, some can deliver more energy at one given point, some have back up, and others have a bigger capacity and potentially can almost exclusively power a house after sunset.